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Aprende fantásticos, increibles y diabólicos movimientos con cartas con este DVD.

Aprende lo mejor de lo mejor, paso a paso, movimiento a movmiento, mas de 60 manipulaciones con cartas que sorprenderán a tus espectadores y harán de tus juegos un número mucho mas visual.

Este es el contenido del DVD separado por niveles de dificultad:

Level One Beginner
Thumb Fan: The basic fan for flourishers!
One Handed Fan: The cards snap into a fan while held at the fingers!
S-Fan: A flashy way to tell people you’re a “S”howoff!
Blank Fan: The faces of an entire deck disappear!
Birdy Fan: (from the genius of De’vo) A fan that seems to float above your hand!!
Knuckle Cut: Simple but very cool!
Charlier Cut: The classic one-handed cut!
Triple Charlier Cut: The Charlier for Showoffs!
False Charlier Cut: The Classic Charlier cut, but retains the order of the deck!
Butterfly Cut: A two-handed cut that flips and twists the deck then reassembles it in one hand!
False Swing Cut: A flashy cut that impossibly retains the order of the deck!
Swing Cut w/ Card Control: Control their card to the top of the deck with a quick flourish!
Tokyo Cut: Smooth and showy!

Level Two Intermediate
Tokyo Cut False: The Tokyo Cut, but retains the order of the deck!
One Handed Faro: A tabled riffle shuffle done in one hand!
Blind Swivel Cut: (Thanks to Gerry Griffin ) Packets swinging from hand to hand!
Blind Swivel Cut 2: (Thanks to Gerry Griffin )The Blind Swivel turned on its end!
Ribbon Spread: A beautiful display!
Twin Peaks: A ribbon spread for Showoffs!
Ultimate Illogical Cut: (We reconize the amazing mind of Gianni Mattiolo) The flourish to which all others pay homage!
Faces of Sybil: (With great respect to the genius of Chris Kenner) A multiple packet, 3-D cut, that will knock their socks off!
Tiki Cut: This is what happens when you combine swing cuts and a table!
Perfect False Shuffle: You’ll fool yourself with this amazing, but difficult, shuffle!
Tabled False Cut: Three distinct cuts, yet retains the order of the deck!
In The Hands False Cut: Showoffs don’t need tables to do false cuts!
Crack Shuffle: (From the brilliant mind of Gary Oullette) The “crackle” of the deck fools ‘em every time!

Level Three Expert
Pass Cut: Puts the classic pass to good use and retains the order of the deck!
Number Two Cut: A three packet, on the table false cut that flies past everyone!
Swing, Swivel, Dribble: A swing, a swivel, and a dribble yet retains the order of the deck!
One Hand Revolution: (Brian Tudor) Starts like a charlier, then takes off!
One Hand Revolution False: (Brian Tudor) Do the Revolution with out disturbing the order of the deck!
One Hand Revolution 3: (Brian Tudor) The packets flip right over the top of the deck!
Flip Back: (From the genius of De’vo) The deck goes where no deck has gone before!
Flip Back Vanish: (From the genius of De’vo) Do the Back Flip then vanish the deck!
Jammin Cut: Fast and smooth, yet retains the entire deck order!
Card Spring: The classic, a deck flies in a stream from one hand to the other!
Inverted Card Spring: Defy gravity!
Closing the Fan: The fan snaps open then shut again, all in one hand!
Octo Cut: 2 hands + 8 packets = a Showoff masterpiece!
The Bridge: (We reconize the flourish master; Caps Casino) A 5-packet cut in a horizontal line from hand to hand!

Level Four Master
Dr. Hatchett Cut: (Inspired by the late Dr. Casavan) A knuckle cut, cutting packets to the middle of the deck!
What Happened To Sybil?: (Brian Tudor) Need we say more?!
Hollywood Cut: (Brian Tudor) The Speed Cut with multiple rotations.
Speed Cut: (Brian Tudor) Combine the swing cut with a one handed revolution!
Blind Rotational Sybil: (We reconize the flourish master; Caps Casino) A Sybil variation with a smooth closing sequence!
Bad Habit: (Brain Tudor) A 2 handed- swivel style cut!
Ninja Color Change: A wave of the hand and the card winks out of existence!
Emperor's Fan Color Change: Visually stunning!
Ninja Change Variation: A color change with no palming?!
Snap Color Change: A one-handed color change perfect for TV!
Chameleon Color Change: (With respect to Steve Beam) Street magic’s top color change!
Thirty Second Color Change: So smooth, it’ll fool everyone!
Two Card Color Change: A grab and a flick and what once was, is no more!

Level Five Showoff
Two Card Change Variation: A color change in mid-air!
Double Lift Under Change: Rub a card against your sleeve and it changes!
Color Change Pass: A riffle of the deck and the top card visually changes!
Hip Shot: A super, and quick version of Daryl’s Hot Shot!
Tabled Slap Color Change: (Brian Tudor) Slap a card to the table and it changes!
Tunnel Change: A card morphs as it passes through the deck!
Sloppy Double Deal: Toss a card to the table and it changes!
Control This: You’ll fool yourself with this control!
Hong Kong Throw: Far East showoffs don’t just take cards out of the box!
Flipback Combo: (From the genius of De’vo) A devastating series of cuts and flipbacks!
Awesome Blossom: (Brian Tudor) A flashy 1 handed 4 Ace production
The Hex: (Thanks to the flourish master; Caps Casino) A 6-sided, 6-packet cut!
Royal Flush Cut: A flourishy cut to a Royal Flush from a shuffled deck!
Ring Finger Scaling: Scaling made easy!
1st Finger Scaling: The cards “POP” out of the deck!
More Scaling: Distance is name of the game!
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